8 Mar 2006, Comments Off on Minor blog against sexism

Minor blog against sexism

Author: Helen

It’s International Womens’ / Blog Against Sexism day.

My IWD/BAS post is late on accounta the fact that I have been running not with the wolves, but with the capitalist lackeys. My workplace, the Jack Lang Memorial lost Dogs home, kindly invited me and a few others to attend an International Womens day bunfight hosted by an employer’s group which I won’t name.

It makes me nervous, attending these events where I am always the most cheaply attired impostor in the room. But sometimes it can be interesting.

Now, if you’re an employer group which includes some pretty heavy hitting business women and you wish to host an IWD bash, of course you come up with a graphic on the invitation which is redolent of the empowerment of women, no?

Like something pink, with Chick-Lit-cover type graphics of lots of thin young women with vertically tilted breasts, cripplingly high heels, and a reference to “sex in the city”, that repository of useful female role models.

As you would.

I’ve messed with the text to conceal the actual name of the organisation in case they want to sue me.

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  • Laura says:


  • Kate says:

    IWD: all about shoes and phones and being skinny.

    And can we stop adding “in the city” to everything for chrissakes? That is a cultural moment that is PAST.

  • Helen says:

    The canapes were nice, though.

    The speakers were all about individual experience, which was rooly positive, but not much about womens experience in the workplace en masse.

  • Helen says:

    “TammyF” and “Luther Jensen”, I actually quite like that link, so it can stay there. (Media perceptions of women being “angry” etc). But you know, I’d like to think it’s a coincidence that there’s two subversives that just HAPPEN to work for Fox News/News corporation who just happened to find my blog and thought I was a kindred soul.

    On the other hand, I wasn’t born yesterday. So repeat comments will be deleted.

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