9 Feb 2006, Comments Off on R U having a lend of me, Tony?

R U having a lend of me, Tony?

Author: Helen

Well, as Suki just pointed out, The Senate has voted 45 to 28 in favour of taking the decision (to approve, or not, the use of medical abortion by RU486) away from the health minister. And may I say that I have never seen such an egregious pile of steaming dingoes’ kidneys as the arguments from the opposing side.

Tony Abbott!! Who in God’s name has ever suggested that RU486 is going to be sold in the supermarket? You can’t even get Panadeine in the supermarket. Kerry O’Brien also called you on your use of the word “backyard”, you disingenuous little man.

Then there was the brilliant argument that medical abortion is so important that it can’t be left merely to bureaucrats like the Therapeutic Goods people. I mean, just because they’re trained in medical matters. No, this is something so solemn it must be left to ministerial discretion. Ponder that one for a while. Surely other things are also very important? Maybe Abbott should have to perform brain surgery and do medical research himself, since these things are far too important to be left to mere surgeons and mere scientists.

But the hot and sexy argument du jour was, of course, “RU486 is going to kill mothers” (in rural and remote areas, many of them possibly Liberal voters).

Never mind, Tony, I have the solution. As RU-486 duplicates the effects of an ordinary miscarriage and a full-term pregnancy is vastly more risky than either, I think that the only course of action is for the Federal government to ban sex in the outback altogether. Happily, we have a precedent (think something like the Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management bill 2005), so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Well, I reckon it’s as sensible as some of the stuff I heard from our parliamentarians today.

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  • suki says:

    They should have run today’s submissions like we run our blog comments – off-topic windbags get deleted…
    Speaking of which,
    Senators Joyce and Fielding were the worst with what they thought passes as philosophy and/or a recipe for society.

    Thankfully the vote shows us that 45 Senators can trust we uppity women and our complicit Doctors 🙂

  • Brownie says:

    Beautiful post Ms Balcony.

  • Zoe says:

    It is a beautiful post.

    Heffernan’s speech was also a complete pile of tosh.

  • John says:

    I think you should go easy on poor old Tony. It can’t be easy having John Howard’s hand stuck up your bum the whole time.

  • Kate says:

    Hmmn. I like this idea.

    Joyce doesn’t seem to grasp that babies come from women — who grow them for several months in their bodies. If you listened to Banna-boy’s ravings, you’d come to believe that they sort of materialised into thin air and we women were wandering around killing them for sport.

    Perhaps he needs some sex education himself?

  • Russ says:

    Tony wants to have the responsibility of approving the use of RU486. But you can bet the first time it caused an abortion he’d be crying “No-one told me it could do that!

  • Armaniac says:

    “I think that the only course of action is for the Federal government to ban sex in the outback altogether”

    Well, if it leaves us without Wilson Tuckey, Barnaby Joyce, Bob Katter and co…

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