30 Jan 2006, Comments Off on My dad’s a lawyer!

My dad’s a lawyer!

Author: Helen

It really sucks that schools, like, discriminate against boys by making them listen and hand in work and do community service and tests and shit? I mean, that’s what girls do.

What we need to do is give boys higher marks for the same work, my Dad says so and he’s a lawyer. Kind of like that aff…affirmaf…affirmath action thing what we hate, except we don’t cos it applies to us boys.

Amanda at Pandagon and Aunt Twisty are kind of mad about it, but I don’t care about those feminists. And they use big words like “Gloucesterise”. Haven’t I just said I’m not into that studying and reading shit? No matter, I’ll just call them shrill.

Majikthise is supposed to be good on this kind of stuff – he’s a guy, isn’t he? so he must have a better idea.

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  • Boys have a “biological imperative” to move more, Stevens said, because they have 15 percent more spinal fluid. “Their body is really an extension of their brain,” she said.

    Kathy Stevens is eminently well qualified to comment on the biological differences between boys and girls (see http://www.gurianinstitute.com/biographies.html#kathy):

    Kathy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia and a Masters In Public Administration from the University of Colorado.

  • Brownie says:

    Comrad Trotsky, I don’t need to follow the link, as it is clear already from her ridiculous statement, that Old Virginny U just hands out those degrees like supermarket samples.

  • Brownie says:

    It made me sick. First Anglin, then his supporters. In many cultures, and historically, girls don’t/didn’t even get into schools.
    Now that they are, and sitting obediently following instructions and doing well, they appear to be making the males look comparitively tragic?
    The Christian Right will no doubt get em out of the schools and home pregnant where they ought to be and no bloody RU486 either.

  • Brownie says:

    I am back from my scary trip round all those heavy hitter blogs. One of them had a commentor who put mine above, in a far more articulate way:

    ‘It’s crazy to think that it’s unfair to boys for the school system to reward sitting down, shutting up, and doing your work.
    Schools have stressed these dispositions for longer than than women have been ALLOWED an education.
    The schools are designed to create compliant employees who won’t balk at stupid, repetitive activities on tight deadlines. Everybody has to learn to put up with a certain amount of that in order to get anywhere in life.

    It’s the male-dominated work world that has always upheld these standards. Posted by: Lindsay Beyerstein ‘

    I need a stiff drink now, since reading the thread at Bitch Phd.
    Balconista – please look after your sanity by avoiding them.
    Suki and I rave at womensforumaustralia.blog and no men come terrorise us.

  • Brownie,

    Stevens’ little factoid did inspire one obvious olution to the problem of excess motility in boys; when they start getting the fidgets in class, send them off to the school nurse to have a few millilitres of excess spinal fluid drained. That’ll settle the buggers down, one way or the other.

  • Brownie says:

    It is all part of the modern Culture Of Blame:
    ‘not MY fault I am not brilliant, give me the prize anyway’.
    Another example of it was the recent (UK ?) fuss over Gold Stars for good work in primary school – the kids who did not get one set up a protest. (WTF?) (sorry no reference, I read it online Guardian).

  • Helen says:

    “Mum, I had to go to the office for a draining three times today…”


    Just for the record, I do think the teaching of kids in general could be greatly improved – but instead of some wacky “solution” like this, let’s try putting heaps more money into excellent public education, reduce class sizes, increase resources and increase assistance for “problem” students…hmmm?! Oh, I know, that’s just throwing money at the problem! And we all know the corollary to that, that TMATP doesn’t work, does it? King’s school and Geelong grammar would never solve a problem by throwing money at it. Would they?

  • david tiley says:

    That diversion from class size issue was raised at Maizic thingy as well – it has obviously hit a chord with the americanss..

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