28 Jan 2006, Comments Off on And the Gold Bernie goes to…

And the Gold Bernie goes to…

Author: Helen

Barista… for the best overall Australian blog.

Hoorah, chaps and chapesses!

It’s well deserved, David. “The Richard Attenborough of blogging but with much more attitude and without a large bureacracy telling you not to go there.” And a lot less pompous, I should add. Your votes, unlike those for some other nominees, weren’t the result of any stupid orchestrated campaign (they know who they are.)

A big “Whhhoooooohoo yee-ha” also to

Best NSW blog and runner up Daily Flute and Stoush.net

Best Victorian blog and runner up Anonymous Lefty and Sorrow at Sills Bend.

Best Tas blog runner up Piss n Vinegar. The winner, “Tassie”, may be excellent for all I know but it isn’t a blog, it’s a forum. Get it right people. Congratulations and commiserations, Ms Piss.

Best QLD blog winner and runner up Larvatus Prodeo (of course)

Best West Australian blog had to be Red Rag. Yes, it’s gone now, but it was appropriate to honour this completely kick-ass (and useful) blog. As the new IR laws kick in this year, we’ll really miss it.

Best SA blog, Road to Surfdom. One of the first few blogs I ever read, and still going strong. There are some great blogs in the runners up too: Watchdog of the Wankers and Pavlov’s Cat. But where was Dogfight at Bankstown? Something dodgy going on there.

Best NT blog: Troppo Armadillo, of course, now Club Troppo.

ACT: OK, let’s just ignore the practical jokers. The real winner: Crazybrave.

Best Overseas blog went to RTS (Two gongs!) which isn’t overseas any more. Still, I guess it was for most of last year. And the runner-up? I’m sorry, but would WNP (which should have won, I reckon) ever start a post with stuff like “Today’s been such a cruisy day”?

Quick whip round some of the specialist awards: Sorrow at Sills Bend for best post on an Australian blog, and runnerup in best photo blog: Daily Flute would have won best humourous blog if it weren’t for the practical jokers. The Larva-prodders got best political blog, with John Quiggin, RTS, Andrew Bartlett and Anonymous Lefty honourable mention. Best new Australian blog: I think we can all agree that it’s really Larvatus Prodeo again. And they also got best collaborative blog.

Mandatory disclaimer – it should be abundantly obvious, if you’ve checked out the links to Collective Apathy, that these Awards are regularly and joyfully gerrymandered. But the bloggers I’ve linked to are truly hot poop. If there are any you haven’t visited before, check ’em out.

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