17 Jan 2006, Comments Off on Barista Kicks Ass

Barista Kicks Ass

Author: Helen

Hello, balcony dwellers, I’m back. I’ve been having a bit of a hiatus and reading all the interesting blogs out there, and even actual books!

Cast Iron Balcony seemed to bumble along in a minor way in 2005- a wee microbe in the blog ecosystem. But Media 2 – that’s the domain which incorporates Barista and Cast Iron Balcony – didn’t do too badly. In his December 30 post, Least Unpopular Australian Leftoid Blogs (Shucks! Such praise!) Tim Blair points out the Alexa.com traffic rankings for leftie blogs in… well, for once I’m completely in agreement with Tim in that I haven’t the faintest what the numbers refer to, except that in relative terms we are doing OK:

1. Tim Lambert: 122,559

2. Troppo Armadillo: 131,292

3. Larvatus Prodeo and Rob Corr: 211,441 (Note: the daily ranking at LP’s new site is 159,263)

4. Catallaxy Files: 225,663

5. John Quiggin: 320,092

6. David Tiley and Cast Iron Balcony: 382,880

7. Gary Sauer-Thompson: 388,696

8. Singing Bridges (Australia’s best blog): 595,755

9. Tim Dunlop: 708,228 (Note: Dunlop’s daily ranking is 266,229, which may be more representative)

10. Daily Flute: 825,427

This means that (a) my stats are better than my site counter would make out or, more likely, (b) that Barista is blogging a blue streak and I’m enjoying a ride out of obscurity on his fabulouous coattails.

Barista is also nominated for best overall Australian blog on the Australian Blog awards over at Collective Apathy. Go over and vote now!

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  • gringo says:

    Nice new digs. And good that you have returned, all wordpressed up. Looks good.

  • Tony.T says:

    Pah! Little leaguers. I get eighty seventeen gooollion point fankty tree hillberts every moment.

  • Administrator says:

    And that’s about as meaningful as the stats he quoted – 382,880 of what and over what time frame?

    Still, it looked kinda cool… Note, I tried an ellipse there; Testing, testing, have we got rid of that bloody “denied due to questionable content” error?…

  • Administrator says:

    Woo-hoo! No more “questionable content”!
    Well, except in the actual posts.

    I’ll try to change “Administrator” to “Helen” today. (Donning greasy overalls, sliding under jacked-up blog…)

  • brownie says:

    re those ‘best’ stats: Coles had more customers than Georges.
    Loobylu has more Incoming links than John Quiggin.
    Singing Bridges – ‘best’ compared to what?

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