9 Dec 2005, Comments Off on Friday Dog blogging

Friday Dog blogging

Author: Helen


Our darling Maggie: We found her three years ago, sitting in a prison cell at the Lost Dogs home.

If you want a Lost Dogs Home dog you need to go every day. You can’t just ring up and say “Got any shih tzus today?” They are kept in a holding pen for a few weeks, then if they aren’t claimed they go to the Adoption pen. Before they do, they are challenged by a leather glove-wearing vet. If they snap, it’s the green needle.

She was sitting behind the chain-link of her adoption pen, gazing at daughter who was gazing back. There was no note on the information card that she was taken. The card on the pen said “Kelpie cross”. I wondered what with? There was a width to her jaw which was not kelpie. The jaw and body shape said cattle dog. But there were no cloudy grey markings like you would get with a cattle dog or heeler. This dog had a shiny, patent-leather black coat with bright tan markings.

The office people said sorry, she’s already taken. I said: “But there was no name on the card on her pen.” They said: “The people who are taking her have just gone home to get their dog to see if they get on.”

OK, I replied, I’ll give you our phone number so if the dogs don’t get along then you can ring me. Oh no, they said, that’s not likely. But I got them to take it.

Next morning: “Were you the people interested in the kelpie cross?”

Yeah, she was meant for us. I love to see Mags and my daughter together and the sound of daughter talking sweet nothings to her.

You guessed it – Kelpie/rottie cross.

I should have known when I saw those feet. Betty, my rottie owning friend, said “Those are definitely rottie feet”. Humungous, aren’t they? We thought she would grow much bigger, but she’s pretty much the same size now– cattle dog size. She just has enormous feet.

This photo shows the bigness of the feet pretty well. Her front feet are actually larger than her back feet. Weird.

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  • suzoz says:

    Yes I did guess! Rottie is clear in her face and chest. What a lovely story. Both of my staffies were rescues too though we didn’t get them directly from the dog home.

  • boynton says:

    Beautiful dog and beautiful story, Helen.

    (My labrador had huge paws too, and a squareish face. Every second day I was asked if he was a Rottie/ rottie mix.)

    It is indeed the sweet nothingness that’s the best. And a dog’s infinite capacity for joy. Never fails to lift the spirits.

  • R.H. says:

    The RH Temple of Extreme Thought is a fair dinkum dog house. There’s three of them, and they all live inside. I had a border collie/kelpie for seventeen years. He did whatever he liked. He’d jump the front fence and be gone for hours. Where he went I’ve no idea. One day a neighbor’s kid told my daughter he’d been in their house and pissed in her dad’s gumboots. I wasn’t surprised. It was a risk letting him go off like that, but it was what he wanted, so we took the chance. He was his own dog, that was the trouble. A naughty boy, and not very affectionate. But I loved him anyway.

  • Helen says:

    You can’t go past your Kelpie/cattledog/border collie crosses.

    Although a Lab or a Staffy is also very nice,mmmm.

    I think there is also a smidgin of Border Collie in there somewhere.

  • David tiley says:

    The shi-tzu maltese cross snuffling at my feet is pretty fine too. Again, a rescue dog with some sort of hard life we don’t know about.

    They do genuinely work well in flats.

    Personally I have always had a secret desire for a newfy, but that is completely impractical – I can’t even swim well enough to need to be rescued.

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