15 Nov 2005, Comments (0)

Look! Behind you!

Author: Helen

I realise that up here on the Balcony, there hasn’t been enough comment on the slew of draconian legislation ™ being rushed (I would say rammed) through Parliament. Being a slow, behind-the-scenes sort of blog, we are not light enough on our feet to keep up with the multiple legislative cluster bombs going off around us.
A real Capital-P-political blogger determined to keep up with this month’s events would need to be a kind of literary Jackie Chan. Whoooooa, there’s an amendment coming that way! (Thwack!) Look! Behind you… (Chop!) Look out for those two hundred pages they just added to the Bill… (Hiyaaaaaah!) Guillotined debate! Uungggghhh!!

In this political melee, it’s easy for the government to slip something really nasty through, while the public and media are occupied trying to fight off the IR and anti-Terrorist ninjas. And that’s what they’re going to do.

Illustration: Yucca Mountain waste storage facility, Nevada

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  • Sedgwick says:

    Stuff them thar “multiple legislative cluster bombs” what we needs is more “surgical strikes”.

    Dare we say, “Tools down chaps!” (Realise it could look decidedly ugerly.)

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