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We need more draconian laws!

Author: Helen

C’mon, people…

They‘ve killed 261 people in Victoria in 2004, and already killed another 264 in 2005, to date. More, by the time you read this.

High school kids seem to be particularly vulnerable – even babies and toddlers aren’t spared.

They killed 522 in NSW in 2004.

The annual body count to the end of February 2005 was 1558 for the whole of Australia (for the 12 months March 2004-February 2005).

So you can see the threat is real. We have to take this seriously. This is unacceptable!

…Oh, sorry, you were talking about terrorists? I meant cars.

Carry on, then.

(References here and here)

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  • Guy says:

    It’s an interesting observation isn’t it? It’s politically popular these days to huff and puff about terrorists, but there are literally hundreds of other causes of more pain and suffering than terrorism out there to worry about.

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