21 Jul 2005, Comments (0)

Another gig

Author: Helen


With Mrs Wainwright. (Check out their Quad-A-side-single* Dead Man’s Pocket.)

If this keeps up my identity as an ex-drummer is definitely down the tubes.

Details, details,

Cornish Arms
Sydney Road, Brunswick
Sat 23 July
Supporting Joseph Parsons (US)
+ Tim Ireland

(Blurb from Cornish Arms gig guide): Joseph Parsons is back in Australia after an extensive tour last year with Carus Thompson & The True Believers. full details on the way.

*They didn’t have those when I was a gel young feller. We only had shellac discs with a needle fashioned out of a wild boar tooth and you had to drill your own hole in the middle.

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  • Sedgwick says:

    Shellac discs?! You young cutting edge whippersnipper you!

    One balmy night you must come up to my attic and let me show you my wax cylinders.

    Hope *your* Sydney Rd gig is a good ‘un. ;0)

  • Francis Xavier Holden says:

    I hope the gig went well. I do intend to catch a gig one day.

  • Crystal says:

    Barista would enjoy the fact they they appear to have arrived in a C effin 7.

  • Crystal says:

    Is Loudon Wainwright their grandfather? Decades ago I used to play Kate and Anna McGarrigle, and also Dead Skunk. who woulda thunk these would devolve into 2005 popstars.

  • Helen says:

    There are almost as many Wainwrights in the music biz as there are McKennas it seems.

    Must go over to Movable Type and put the Crystal Ballroom on the blogroll.

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