20 Jul 2005, Comments (0)

Everybody run, Homecomin’ Queen’s got a Gun

Author: Helen

Did anyone else see the headline in MX magazine, the thing they give out free at railway stations, Debs on Murder Charge, and have disturbing visions of gangs of young girls in chiffon ball dresses and elbow-length gloves, on the loose with guns and homicidal intent?

No?… So it is just me, then.

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  • Sedgwick says:

    Yes it is Smart arse!

  • Helen says:

    they’re coming for me . . . with their tiaras. . .

  • Sedgwick says:

    Shall look forward to the movie length CSI episode based on the resultant brutal murder. “Get Smart. Carrie, the Tiara Years”.

  • Sedgwick says:

    Slowly getting a grip on your comments protocol. (As opposed to getting a grip on myself – though must say that felt quite pleasant just then when I did)

    It don’t like URLs (boynton has already alerted me to that) AND elipses. (Devastating for the likes of me wot indiscriminately throws elipses about like hundreds and thousands.)

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