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Any Relation?

Author: Helen

You know how sometimes someone (or something) notorious will just slip into town under the radar, staying incognito in some luxury hotel… or in this case, a slightly different kind of berth?

I noticed this entry completely by accident on the shipping news in the AGE yesterday. The details were also on the Port of Mebourne website – but here’s a transcript below, because it’s updated hourly.

Berth Arrival Date Departure Date To Ship Ph. Number Agent Name Agent Ph. Number

Maersk Tampa Swanson Dock 4 East 18/07/2005 06:35:00 19/07/2005 14:30:42 Brisbane 0425757956 Inchcape Shipping Services P/L Melbourne 8645 6900

Any relation to “the” Tampa? It’d be ironic, wouldn’t it, given the fact that page 1 of the AGE showed the release of the 7-years-detained Peter Quasim. (Can’t find yesterday’s link.)

Although Peter has been incarcerated for too long to have been one of the people on the Tampa.

Here’s a picture of the Maersk Tampa from Fairfax Photos.


But the original Tampa belonged to a shipping line called Wallenius Wilhelmsen, not Maersk, as far as I know. Unless they sold it, or something.

A Google search led me to this fascinating though badly designed website which issues pirate reports (aargh, aargh!) and details of maritime disasters–which shows that the Maersk Tampa is probably the one that lives in infamy in our history. This item describes the 2001 Australian incident, disappointingly supporting the Australian government line and following its portrayal of the desperate asylum seekers as “hijackers”. A link, “Trouble for M/V Tampa in her Earlier Life“, under the same paragraph, takes us to a story with photos of the Tampa running aground at the Port of Oakland (photos will follow once I’ve shrunk ’em). Obviously, bad ju-ju follows that ship.

Update: Pictures of the sad story over the fold.

I wonder if she’s sailed again? Must check the shipping news. Who says bloggers can’t be investigative?


Caption: “Again proving the dangers of smoking”


Caption: “Was it tug, pilot or giant shore magnet?”

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