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Nude Bushwalker alert

Author: Helen


Great weather we’ve been having in Melbourne – we could actually do with a lot more rain but up in the Brisbane Ranges two weeks ago, it was the kind of cobalt-enamel-blue day that is just colour-co-ordinated with blazing red earth tracks and lush grass trees. The grass trees are like rather benign green monsters in a child’s book. You can picture them tottering down the mountainside after dark and gathering, chattering, in the nearest footy field.

Since I moved to the Western subs I discovered the gorgeous gorges out West. Werribee Gorge with its string of little swimming holes, Anakie Gorge and my favourite – the Lerdederg Gorge. They are sensational places. Sometimes you feel as if you might be in the Northern Territory. Well, I like to imagine it, anyway. NT lite, without the crocs.

My Dad wanted to do the Anakie Gorge circuit walk– he’s 84 but would scorn to walk up and back on the flat gorge track. He wanted to do the 10 Ks circuit, minimum. So I was googling for a walking map of the Anakie Gorge and I found this guy’s site.

Thank god for that, because I do like walking in those places, and they just happen to be his… er… stamping ground. Lerdederg Gorge being his favourite. Now if I encounter him on a nice stroll there, with or without the kids, I’ll know it’s just this harmless eccentric and won’t run screaming all the way back to the carpark.

I had done a bit of this (naked bushwalking) when I was a teenager but life and other commitments had interfered for many years. It is hard to describe the feeling of being naked in the bush with the breeze caressing your body and the sensation of oneness with nature. A side benefit is that most of the bugs seem to leave you alone as they are not attracted to the colours of clothing. You are also more conscious of things that could scratch and avoid them. One thing that has to looked at is sunburn but then that is the case anyway. …

….As its not strictly legal to be naked in the State or National Parks an eye has to be on who else is in the area. Most clothed walkers do not worry too much and give a knowing smile when they pass but some who have children with them seem to be rather protective of the kids. I have been caught a couple of times and had a few near misses.


That kind of answers my question about how he copes with the scratchiness of it all, but what about the sunburnt willy problem? and does he wear shoes? This suggests he doesn’t:

I even went to the extreme of disposing of all my bush gear. Sure, I was helped with this when some was stolen and most of the rest of it was thrown out by an overly eager landlord. Nevertheless, I did get rid of it.


There’s even a club you can join — the Bare Bushwalkers.

Which reminds me, my National Parks subscription is due. They do ripper walks, all grades, and mercy, they do it fully clothed. Works for me.

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  • david Tiley says:

    I can’t help thinking I know why he is “retired” though he is self evidently younger and fitter than the average retiree.

    Self evident being the phrase

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