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Grumpy old Men

Author: Helen

Ron Boswell

The facts are in! They say we didnít have the right kind of stats on abortion. Weíve got serious information now, so we can have a serious debate. Yes, 90,000 terminations a year. Yes, I know it still includes D & Cís done on women who have aborted naturally–miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, foetal deaths. But if I put out a loud release saying “the facts are inî, people will think we mean new facts, or accurate facts! Theyíre busy, these punters! And anywayÖ those women were probably living selfish, chardonnay- and latte- swilling lives, or they wouldnít have had all those miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies, in the first place!

UpdateSuki has an opinion on the Ron Boswell thing, and Evelyn in the Comments has a much more comprehensive list of what’s covered under the medicare number with abortion. 12 items…

Bill Crews

These WWII veterans should just bag their heads! What has the ANZAC tradition got to do with, umm, doing the right thing by allies who have fought with you?

And where did those Sea King people get off wanting a medal? They already got a military funeral. Everyone knows medals are for dead people who drop bombs, not these dead girly-men who drop food!

Pope Benedict XVI

Rats! Rats!...

OK, OK, so he lends himself really well to photoshop. Couldnít resist. But I think he looked scarier in the original.

Donít make too much of him being in the Hitler Youth, though. Nuff-nuff ex-premier Jeff Kennett tried to smear one of our respected locals, Sid Spindler ñ who described himself as ìlifelong peace activist, an anti-racist and a strong opponent of totalitarian regimesî ñ the same way. Spindler pointed out to him

Ö what he long ago made public: that as a 10-year-old German boy living in Poland during the Nazi occupation he was “automatically enrolled in the youth division of the Hitler Youth.”

Itís bad enough that the manís completely opposed to contraception (let alone abortion). George Pell reckons heís going to be an advocate for the poor. Well, heíll certainly guarantee theyíll stay poor.

I’m headed STRAIGHT for hell. Well, the Grampians anyway. Wood fires. Red wine. Cheeses. Like I said… hell. Be good. Stop and think of the diggers and their Timorese rescuers. Raise a special glass to those veterans who are sticking up for the Timorese against our greedy resource grab. Don’t join the RSL if you can help it.

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