12 Apr 2005, Comments (0)


Author: Helen


Tales of banal, domestic evil.

When Kath and Kim go bad… A story of psychological torture from the blandlands of Frankston. You think I’m joking? (Via Northcote Knob).

And a dose of pure, chilled Suburban Gothic from Creek Running North, via Electrolite (“Don’t skip the comments…”)

And if all THAT doesn’t scare you enough… Pauline Hanson’s about to start a singing career.

“I get some strange looks when I start singing in the car,” she said.

Yeah, I reckon she would.

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  • Spike says:

    “Pauline Hanson’s about to start a singing career.”

    Yers. You and me can’t be the only ones who yelled “Fucking hell, you’re joking!” at the telly when that was announced.

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