11 Mar 2005, Comments (0)

Out of Iraq and into Brunswick

Author: Helen

Here’s an idea for something to do on the 20th of March, before you go to see Mrs Wainwright at the Vic in Brunswick (how’s that for a bit of gratuitous self promotion): The global day of action against the war in Iraq.

For me, the focus would be what we as a country or as “westerners” are responsible for- Australian (or “Coalition”) involvement. Therefore, I’d be happy to download and print, for instance, Support our troops: bring them home! or Little Johnny, the lapdog of war. (Sorry no pictures – the mac puter wants to save the image as the target documents. Anyway, you can look at them on the Possum page I’ve linked to above.)

I’d be less likely to carry something like the one which says Victory to the Iraqi Resistance (complete with picture of anonymous gun-wielding lad). I think the citizens of a country, when invaded and occupied, have the right to mount a resistance against the invaders. As far as the entity now known as the “iraqi Resistance”, I don’t know enough about its composition, and what I do know isn’t encouraging. My placard might be a bit unreadable, since I’d have to add “…except for the bits of the Iraqi Resistance which are old Ba’athist elements, supporters of shiite clerics who want to bring back Shar’ia Law , and miscellaneous scary people and young men who actually get off on carrying enormous weapons.”

The kind of people who are making life difficult for Riverbend.

The enemy’s enemy isn’t always my friend. I’m thinking of those nice Mujahadeen and Taliban guys who gave the US so much help getting the Russkis out of Afghanistan.

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