1 Mar 2005, Comments (0)

Sucking the marrow from summer’s brittle skeleton

Author: Helen

Trish Anderson from Git is a prolific songwriter who needs another outlet for her talent (she’s responsible for that snappy title, not me.) Her “other” band is Mrs Wainwright. Mrs Wainwright is also Pete McKenna. Both play guitars, write and sing. The usual drummer is Anthony “Shorty” Shortte of Collard Greens and Gravy, with me on the interchange bench.

I’ll be playing with them on the 20th of March at the Vic in Brunswick, then at the Cornish Arms on April 2. At the Cornish we’re supporting Matt Walker and Ashley Davies, and Luke Doucet , all the way from Canada.

Mrs W’s single and video, Dead Man’s Pocket, will be released on the first of April. (Unless she’s just jokin’ ya.)

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  • I saw her play on Sunday 13th March at the Retreat Hotel and picked up an advanced copy of the the EP. It is pretty good and I liked the video also.


  • Helen says:

    Good onya young Tim. That’s a nice graphic you have on your blog. I should have been there myself, but I had to be in St Leonards somewhere near Geelong (Why on earth? you ask. I ask myself the same question)

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