28 Jan 2005, Comments (0)

Our sick puppy

Author: Helen

The “good” computer (we have an iMac and a state-of the art Mac) has been carted off to the Mac shop in Moonee ponds. I fought my way through blue-rinsed ladies in catseye glasses to deliver it to its doctors. Actually, that’s a damn lie; Puckle St is dead groovy these days, I had no idea.

Anyway, so our baby is sick and it’s hard to post because a lot of my drafts and notes are on its hard drive. Normal service will rezoom soon, I hope.

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  • Sedgwick says:

    Groovy, well that’s one word for it, m’lass. If you want almost anything ever stocked by a 2 dollary type shop, a matronly designer t-shirt for $85 or a focaccia and macchiato from one of the 500 cafes it’s the drag of choice.

    Nah, I’m just being hot weathery narky. I do like the Puckle Street. Well, it isn’t Highpoint or Airport West Shopping Centre so I would.

    On your way to or from collecting the patient, drop into the Delphic cake shop. (Same side, a bit up Puckle) Their Florentines (but one of their many sirenic goodies) are guaranteed to nuke anyone’s foolish resolve to be *good* … follow that up with a “Berry Overload” (be wary of the brain freeze that comes with it) from Juishi in the arcade up from there and your Puckle St experience will be complete.

  • Helen says:

    Florentines, they’re those shortbreads with one half dipped in chocolate, aren’t they? You sybarite.

    Does Delphic sell yeast rings?

  • Sedgwick says:

    Florentines. [Link] Have to admit that the tablespoon of “Sulatanas” in the recipe worries me. Sounds like a strain of the quickly downhill slalomella freely available at Alasya2.

    Don’t think they sell yeast rings. However, here’s a tip. If you carefully arrange a couple of loaves of Tip TopÆ SunblestÆ Multigrain on your chair, coccyx pressure can be relieved just as effectively.

  • David Tiley says:

    No, a Florentine is a kind of biscuit made using an instrument of torture invented by Savanarola.

    The thing is first confected out of nuts and fruit and dried toffeed honey, then mounted in the iron collar of the device and lowered horizontally into a vat of bubbling chocolate until only the top surface is uncovered.

    Then it is withdrawn, blowdried on racks by punkahs, and sold to the drooling public.

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