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20 Sep 2004, Comments (0)

I said Menzies, sonny, not Nazis!

Author: Helen

According to our political masters (up to and including Andrew Bolt and John Laws, and probably Alan Jones if I was paying any attention) the Green party is all sorts of nasty things. They’re kooky. They’re watermelons. They’re mad, dangerous, evil, bizarre and sinister.

Since Bolt (“Colostomy Lugs” to his admirers) throws practically everything in the book at the Greens, it’s hardly surprising that he includes George Brandis’ story— Green voters like bushwalking, ergo! they’re incipient Nazis like the Hitler youth.

Brandis has been silent on this topic since it was reported.* I was assuming this was because the argument was simply shite. However, googling one day in search of something or other, I came across some complete Lyndon LaRouche nutter’s website (if you want kooky, mad and bizarre, and possibly evil, but kinda silly, look no further.) On it I found this little gem. I think someone senior from the Liberal party took George out the back and had a quiet word to him about W.S.Kent Hughes.


W.S. Kent Hughes was a co-founder of the Young Liberals** (working closely with that icon, Robert Menzies) – and the Australian Olympic committee too, another organisation beloved of the Australian mainstream. (Noooooo!!)

Now you must excuse me ’cause my lederhosen are in the wash and I need to dry them out before they go all boardlike.

*as far as I know. Corrections welcome.
** Completely unrelated: Unless the Young Libs’ website has moved on since I posted this, there’s a picture of Ross Cameron (Snork!) as “NSW Young Libs Parliamentary Patron”. Ah, the midlife crisis…

20 Sep 2004, Comments (0)

Punk rock mum

Author: Helen

Proud to be a punk rock mama (Quizzilla, via Feministe).

I fiddled with the Quizilla code to change “mom” to “mum” in the text. A small but telling blow struck for Australian kultcha.

Punk Mama
You’re a punk rock mum! DIY is probably your
motto, because you’re a punk mama at heart.
Your kids are getting your independent spirit
and guts, and learning to solve problems
themselves. You love it when they show their
independence, even when it’s breaking your

What kind of a freaky mother are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

8 Sep 2004, Comments (0)

Cats and dogs

Author: Helen

Cast Iron Balcony has temporarily been out of action. I was meaning to blog about Trish Worth, hanging on doggedly (ha) to her seat by a narrow margin and causing a catfight (ha, ha) with her thoughtless remark about asylum seekers

I would like to point out that poor Trish had the comparison completely arse about. I have been to the website which contains the Australian Government regulations and checked out how long you are likely to stay behind bars if you are a furry pet as opposed to, for instance, an Afghani child.

If your name is Snuffy or Spot and you have four legs instead of two, you will only have to stay a maximum of 60 days in detention– that’s for places considered more suss, like Nauru (!), Papua New Guinea and Samoa. However, for most countries, the most you will have to endure will be 30 days.

Let’s compare and contrast this with how long human children and their families who arrive by boat have to stay behind the razor wire.

* The longest a child has been in detention with a family is 5.5 years.
* In January 2003, the average length of detention for children was more than one year and three months.
* By April 2003, 50 children had been in detention for more than 2 years. All of those children were in detention with one or more parents.

In fact, the High Court recently found that there is no reason, as far as they can see, why the Federal government shouldn’t keep you there forever.

That’s a considerable bit longer than the time Binky or Sniffy have to remain incarcerated. I’m sure Trish was trying to make the point that we should try to treat boat arrivals at least as well as domestic pets. I reckon that was the point she was trying to make when she was so rudely howled (heh heh!) down.