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Oh. My. God.

Author: Helen

This speech was given by Victorian crime writer (and outspoken public education activist) Shane Maloney to an assembly of boys at Scotch College. He had been invited to conduct some workshops on writing (which he did) and then to speak to the larger gathering (he was given no guidance on what to speak on). Needless to say his speech caused quite a stir, with some of the teachers and boys being very indignant.

What an oration. The words “ball tearer” and “rip snorter” come to mind. As well as “paradigm shifter” for the assembled kids.

Read Shane’s speech to the Scotch College assembly

Update – I neglected to point out that the speech took place in August 2001. Alan Ramsey picks up on it today in the SMH (maybe he got the same email I did), and explains why he’s commenting on it now – the issue was buried by the Tampa back then. Let’s hope it isn’t tampa’d in 2004.

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