11 May 2004, Comments (0)

Fester Downunder…Bryllup!

Author: Helen

I like Mary Donaldson. She doesn’t look like a fake-tanned Lady who lunches, and she can do real stuff, like crew sailing boats. She looks like she has a lot more brain cells to rub together than the last unfortunate Aussie Royal (sorry, Womens Weekly readers). Crown Prince Frederick looks like a genuinely nice guy, too. But from the Australian end, even their Fairytale Wedding™ isn’t quite an irony-free zone. “The project manager of Denmark’s Trade Commission, June Skeggs, said yesterday that she had been contacted by many revellers planning to celebrate Friday night’s royal wedding in Copenhagen.
“They want to know where they can get Danish food, and they’re been asking about Danish flags,” she said…….Dannebrog, the 115-year-old Danish Club in Albert Park, will be opening it doors for partying.”

I wonder how many of the people partying at Dannebrog would remember Arne Rinnan and how we treated him? I wonder if they remember how our government revealed itself as a right bunch of weasels to the Danish government during that embarrassing episode in 2001, where the Danes repeatedly asked us to observe the law of the sea and our government (hiding behind a politicised public service) replied with “Make us then, nerny nerny ner ner.”

And then there’s the PM’s Wedding present.

Another embarrassing irony: a stand of native trees. It’s a good job there will be a few planted in Denmark, since when the Tasmanian government has finished clearfelling, burning and woodchipping the rest, and poisoning the native wildlife with 1080, at least there will be a few Australian trees in Copenhagen to point to – Thanks for the memories! It’s a shame a Eucalyptus Regnans (Mountain Ash) wasn’t included, because these are the iconic “giants” which are being trashed for cheap paper. Surely the Royal couple’s front yard would be big enough to fit one of those in.

I think it’s time for an email campaign. The Tasmanian government, or the tourism part of it, will be eager for their approval. I have been looking for some kind of message board or guestbook facility to send messages to Mary and Frederick of the best-wishes-for-your-Wedding-day kind. This was the closest thing I could find, and you’d have to feel your way through it as it’s in Danish. (The “In English” option doesn’t work for the guestbook page). To find the guestbook, click on the picture of a little girl with a purple umbrella.

I’d recommend something along the lines of:

Dear Mary and Frederick, congratulations on your wedding.
If you feel as many of us do about Tasmania and the clearfelling of old growth forest for woodchip, including firebombing clearfelled areas and poisoning wildlife during the regrowth stage, please give voice to your disapproval. Please don’t give your royal imprimatur to a government that does these things. Sure, Danish royalty may not have formal power in Tasmania – but your voice is sure to be heard. Mary, if you speak up for the Tasmanian forests, future generations will remember you.

If anyone knows of a more suitable or higher profile guestbook or email link, please let me know.

(I just posted the above comment – You need to type name, email address and comment heading. I now have the message “Tak for dit indlÊg. Det vil vÊre synligt i debatten, nÂr moderator har godkendt det.” I think that means thanks, the moderator will be censoring your remarks shortly. But hey, I tried.)

Please email the link to anyone you think would be interested.

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  • Sedgwick says:

    I’m sure she’s a very nice lass (however my heart will always belong to the one true Princess Royal. She’s the one that gets my blood racing … and I’m obviously not alone there. [PIC LINK]) and who knows what might happen? What with the meeja Dianisation “our very own home grown Princess” Mary might become to native trees as Diana was to landmines.

  • Helen says:

    Er, Sedgers, I was hoping she might be the opposite– Diana was anti landmines!
    I know, I’m just being difficult. I’ll check your link now – hope it’s work safe.

    By the way, I wouldn’t bother with that message board – From the danish headings I get the vague impression that some political messages get through, but I posted mine twice for no effect (and so restrained!) Oh well, don’t want to be guilty of lazy Majesty.

  • Sedgwick says:

    D’oh. Perhaps I meant … Mary to native trees as Anne ( A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse! Swoon, swoon.) is to corgi molesting (“We was playing cards at the time m’Lud and we have all those prints to prove it”) bull terriers.

  • Helen says:

    The unspeakable in defence of the indefensible??

    Hey, my comment DID appear at the second attempt. It’s headed “For Tasmania” dated 12/05/2004. Seems to be the only comment in english so far. But that doesn’t matter as far as MD is concerned.

  • Helen says:

    Hmm, the message board has been taken down now. Hope it’s because it’s been SWAMPED with requests for Mary to speak out about clearfelling in Tasmania (I’m dreamin’!)
    Hmm, if you click on “In English” you get some pretty funny stuff.
    “The Danish monarchy is among the oldest in the world. However, there is not much Harald Bluetooth in the royal family these days.” Bluetooth?
    Apparently, the first in the line was called Gorm. With people calling their kids Peaches Trixibelle and Nike these days, Mary might consider Gorm as a name for her first little boy. You wouldn’t want to be Gormless. And Bluetooth for the next one. Cool!
    And what ‘s with this article headed, “De Store Robers aften”? Store robbers? There’s a lot the media aren’t telling us.

  • Sedgwick says:

    What about the dreadful twins Gorm ‘n’ Ghast.

    Groan, groan!

    (Sorry, I’m truly … and disingenuously … sorry.)

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