28 Apr 2004, Comments (0)

Australians More Intelligent than Homer Simpson

Author: Helen

Yes, it’s official!

Principal Skinner: “We have no funds for extracurricular programs. Are you willing to spend an extra $1.27 in taxes per year to fund these programs?”
Homer: [spitting in disgust] “No! I’m saving up for a speedboat!”

The Howard Government’s expected generous tax hand-out in next month’s budget faces a sceptical electorate, with 75 per cent of voters saying they would prefer more spending on services to tax relief.


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  • John Carney says:

    Saw that. What caught my eye was the “chart porn”. There is a pie chart and a bar chart telling us basically the same thing, except that the bar chart tells us the completely useless information that while women are fractionally more disinclined than men to go for the cash, both genders are pretty much on par in the cluelessness stakes.

    More enlightening would have been a breakdown by income bracket, or number of dependents, or 4WD ownership, or … oh, hang on, that counts as a dependent doesn’t it 😉

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