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Anzac biscuits (note, not cookies)

Author: Helen

An Australian institution. A bit late, but you can practice for next year, and they are a wonderful thing for winter, rich and golden and a bit chewy in the middle.

1 cup plain flour
1 1/2 cup rolled oats
1 cup “soft pack” brown sugar
3/4 cup dessicated coconut

2 tablespoons of golden syrup
125 g butter (half of a small block)
1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
50 ml (2 tablespoons) boiling water

If you don’t live in Australia, I don’t like your chances of finding Golden Syrup (not Molasses), which is pretty much peculiar to Australia, and I think the desiccated coconut is different too.

First, predeploy – sorry preheat – the oven at 150 degrees C. Secure key infrastucture (grease/line baking sheets).
Sift flour and mix all the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.
Melt the butter and golden syrup together in a saucepan. Boil the water while you’re doing that. (Watch the butter and syrup mixture – turn the heat off before it becomes a quagmire.)

Now the fun bit!

Quickly mix the bicarb into the boiling water and add to the melted ingredients in the saucepan. It will foof up like some demented chemical experiment of Mass Destruction. Before it foams right out of the saucepan and causes a Code Orange situation, add it to the dry ingredients. Mix all together – it should be quite difficult because you don’t want the mixture to be too wet. Tone that upper body.

Make the mixture into balls of a size depending on whether you like enormous cafe-style things or small biscuits. I use two soup spoons to squash the mixture together in a nice consistent size.

Place on greased / paper lined trays (which you should have pre-emptively, sorry, Previously prepared) and bake them. They’ll spread and flatten out to occupy a bit more territory, so they need space in between. Check them after 15 minutes – Mine tend to cook unevenly so I have to switch the trays between shelves and turn them around, but you might have a better oven. Check them every 5 minutes after that until they are a nice warm brown colour. Cool on racks, store in airtight etc, yada, yada.

Makes an absolutely indeterminate number of Anzacs (Platoons?) depending on the size you want, and for this reason, cooking time is pretty variable too.

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