15 Apr 2004, Comments (0)

Another Test post

Author: Helen

This site is still not ready to take over from the old Blogger site. It’s the usual renovation scenario; Architraves falling on my head in a cloud of plaster dust; Can’t install actual Cast Iron Balcony (posh header gif), but we will get there. I think I have fixed the Archives problem but will have to refresh the cache to see. Of course, in the tradition of home reno’s, there is at least one non-related disaster to slow things down — e.g. the renovator accidentaly deleting her entire profile on her local drive (ahem).

I have nothing further to say except that this should be appearing.

UPDATE: Oh, it is! And so are the archives.
Site should be ready to go once the Cast Iron Balcony has been nailed into place.

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